this picture deserves endless notes

this is so fucking beautiful 

Kostia Makukha

Took a picture before I sent them to their new homes :(
The middle piece is a work in progress!

"We’re not something, but we’re not nothing."

— I said this to myself in my head when I was inexcusably drunk one night at a party and saw this guy (of mine?) giving his hands, his heart and his admiration to someone else. I couldn’t be mad because he wasn’t mine, but he also wasn’t hers either.  (via blomai)

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to answer a few questions:
that “tattoo” was just liquid eyeliner that my friend painted on me for a project. 
which is also why i’m shirtless in a classroom.
and no, it wasn’t on the wrong side. the image was just flipped.

omg it’s this guy from this famous selfie where he was shirtless in a classroom. hello

diamonds out of ashes

"From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people."

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"Oírse: o irse."

— Octavio Paz  (via hachedesilencio)

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